James Lewis Speed- All my bestfriends

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Belated father's day Cover ArtJames Lewis Speed is an awesome lo-fi singer song writer I happened upon on the internet. I chose the song All my bestfriends for the reason that the overlapping vocals are so simple yet hypnotic. Speed's voice and a guitar work find a some how untapped originality it such simple music. Simple is not intended to be used in a derogatory way as we should all no some of the worlds best songs are the simplest. The lyrical styling is very indie and reminds me of the scattered poetic vocals of Issac Brock. They fill the mind with an image that is nearly neutral and leaves the recipient of the stimuli to make their own impressions into the mold of this music, A musical Rorschach Test of sorts. When I hear this song I hear all to torture of this world followed by euphoria of a faith rewarded at a bitter sweet cost. perhaps reaching some sort of heavenly house party where you are talking to all of your best friends, no matter how estranged, dead, or just long faded the friendship or friend may be. If you are a person that put a lot of the thought and scrutiny in lyrics give this budding artist a listen at:

Red Eyes - Get Out Now

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Eyes is a punk and ska band out of Bristol, Wisconsin. The song Get Out Now primarily shows their light-hearted ska side. For how simple the video recording it is, this song is fairly well equalized while conveying the raw authenticity of live performance. The song flows well while the guitar and bass to stray far from each other while the drummer adds some mentally stimulating fills. The vocals are right on par for the sound they are going for. Upon further investigation the band has expanded to having two guitarist which I feel will offer up more depth and texture to their music. Considering Get Out Now is their first original song I am impressed by their over all talent and potential. If your in the Bristol Area try to catch one of their power pack performances and get lost in the crowd while this head turning music pulsates the crowd from head bobbing to head banging.

The Blinds- Push Comes to Shove

The Blinds are a Blues/Rock band out of San Francisco, with an impressive website and band art. In the song Push Comes to Shove you can hear the fusion of their idolized blues artist with their own hint of individuality. The bass, guitar, and drums all come in united and begin to deviate into a distorted bluesy riff. The very contemporary blues vocals come in with the kind of blues rock sass we have come to admire; similar in nature to Jack White or Cage the Elephant. The band has a clear and cohesive sound. I can't tell if the recording texture was intended but I think mastering the tracks could really make The Blinds tasty tunes come through stronger. As far a lyrics you got to admit that a song called Push Comes to Shove is the kind of figure of speech that screams the Blues/Rock.

Burning Bush - Insomnia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am ashamed for neglecting the heavier side of music as long as I have. Burning Bush will be redeeming review. They are a Metal/Punk band from Brooklyn NY. The beginning of the song immediately puts a smile on the face. Its quick vocal intro is somewhat reminiscent of the blood hound gang which through me off. Then it gets HEAVY. The evil and energized riff charges the listener's batteries to pump them up for the rest of this over the top song. The guitar is a phenomenal tribute to many great metal guitarist and simultaneously it very unique in the way it flows. As a big fan of bass work here is a standing ovation for that line after the guitar solo. The singer has an excellent command of the timbre and pitch necessary for singing metal and the drummer does an outstanding job of playing the kind of percussion that makes your feel you are under heavy fire. If you are suffering from metal malnutrition click this link and try not to head bang your head phones off.

Kiwi Time - Believe Me

Kiwi Time is an Indie band from San Francisco. In the song Believe Me they show case some of their greatest strengths. The song begins with catchy droning guitar riff and an excellent cymbal build up. Then the singers voice comes soaring in beautifully. Her voice is very exotic and smooth. The song has an excellent build up and the band shows their cohesive power and keep the song flowing excellently. The only qualms to be had with this song are that the lyrics are bit too simple. Besides this Believe Me is an alluring tune with much to flaunt. The masterful work of the lead singer along with her natural born talent make distract from every flaw in the song and the recording its self sounds as professional as Kiwi Time's quality and composition. Kudos!

SONI Greko - Out Here on My Own

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today we get a little taste of some R&B from composer SONI Greko. When the song begins, the listener is immediately submerged in the very digital piano work vaguely reminiscent of the piano work in A Christmas song by Paul McCartney. The songs vocals utilize the strong and exotic french accents of this duet. Their voices combine into a singular, concentrated force during the chorus. The music is very soothing, the introduction of the bass adds a layer that helps solidify the emotions conveyed by the singers. I would like to hear these two singers together with a slightly less digital sound. I feel as though it distracts from the excellent chemistry between the vocalists. The piano sounds just a little too much like a 90's key board. Their beautiful voices deserve the timeless texture of an authentic piano, but I can be a tad of a puritan. The music is an interesting change of pace to a lot of what you will hear on the web. If you are sick of the same old same old, then go listen to SONI Greko's work, close your eyes and let the music take you away.

Corey Sky - Noelle

Friday, August 19, 2011

Corey Sky is an independent artist from Brooklyn. He creates music in a singer song writer style. In the song Noelle he shows off is very full and distinct voice. Though some of the lyrics are a little cheesy it goes well with the feel good nature of the music. The music is fantastic beside the sound quality sounds a little artificial. I feel a more natural sound would complement Sky's voice a little better. All in all the song Noelle is catchy and for some reason gives me a slight 90's nostalgia. Check it out on Corey Sky's sophisticated website and check out the gallery. This musician looks like he has a lot of fun.

Union - Before I was a day, I was a dawn.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Union is a band from Grimsby, U.K with an Alt/Indie sound. All the members are about 17 years old and have been playing together for 3 years . The song Before I was a day, I was a dawn is an interesting insight to the bands style. The lead guitar work immediately impresses through its unorthodox approach and makes you wish it was present more consistently through the song. The drums complement the music very well; it is unique and yet not too far out there. The vocals sound sometimes like they go slightly out of key but it might be part of their style. The lyrics are still in need of some polishing but that can sometimes be the hardest part to creatively grow into. The lyrics on are their way to being "their own", but as any writer can tell you their earlier work was a bit more predictable. I can barely hear the bass guitar in this one, this might be due to it mimicking the rhythm guitar. If this is the case, straying a little from the path might add a layer of texture to the music. This band has been receiving increasing amounts of popularity through out Europe and it is clear why. They have an excellent sound and I wish I was half as good as they are at their age. I believe this band has very prosperous future. Their songs are consistent and yet individualistic. Get a little taste of Grimsby and listen to their EP Monty!

Serene - I Wish You Understood

Monday, August 15, 2011

Serene is a 13 year old singer from Wantagh, New York. Her ability far exceeds her age but I believe her true potential is being partially obstructed. In her song I Wish You Understood she demonstrates her vocal strength but the recording quality does not allow her to really shine through. The music sounds all computer generated and is predictable. This may be due to the influences of their music are formulaic pop rock artists. This could all probably be hidden a little better if the bass guitar was turned up, people always underestimate the power of the bass. The lyrics are what you would expect to read in a journal you would find from your preteen years but hey that stuff sells. I get what she is going for and she is doing an excellent job but I feel like as she grows into an adult she will grow into her own artistic identity and meet her potential.

YPB (Young Pretty Boys) - Hometown

YPB (Young Pretty Boys) is a duo from Brooklyn that has recently been gaining momentum and reputation. Their song Hometown is anthem of multiple perspectives on their hometown, Brooklyn. While boasting lines like "Home of the greatest rappers, Legendary is the mission" they express the slippery slope that makes pursuing success an up hill battle. The beat the sing on is excellent. The percussion keeps you moving the whole time and the bass captivates while the some what menacing piano keeps the emotions of the song consistent. The auto-tune back up vocals can be a little overwhelming but it might just be part of their style. Personally, I think getting a good female back up singer on some of their tracks could really interact well with their vocals and beats. With the increasing exposure and acclaim I'm sure some back up singers will be clambering at the opportunity to cut a track with these young gents. Check out their new EP High Maintenance that came out on July 23rd.


Damn The Architect - Whole

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Damn the Architect is rock hip-hop electronic band from Indiana. In this generation we have the bridging of the gap between analog and digital music to look forward to. This band is one of many engineers working toward this effort. In the song whole we are introduced with a rock riff fairly reminiscent of 90's rock bands like The Pixies. The lyrical work of this song pertains to the dualities of life and the extremes, though it leans toward the dismal side. The synthy riff and rock riff combine expertly. These guys are onto something but I feel a little improvement of vocal recording could help the differing components of all the music fuse together better. If you see any pictures it looks like these guys put on one hell of a show. So if you are looking for more artists in the realm of more intellectual hip hop give Damn the Architect a listen and try to read their lyrics while they spit them out with machine gun speed.

Dirty Cousins - Blisters

Dirty Cousins is a Garage Rock band from Cambridge. One immediate charm of the band is the vocals. The combination of lead and back up vocals really set the tone for their song Blisters. A lot of English singers through rock history have dropped a significant proportion of their accent and I have found this to be an atrocity in most cases. The distinct accent gives the song an elusive element genuineness. For percussion lovers, their is excellent consistence through the song. Personally, I enjoyed the use of Hi-Hat quite thoroughly. I wish I could hear the bass a little better, but I assume that the bass was meant be kept in the background supporting the foundation of the music. The heavily distorted guitar has a mildly Lo-Fi allure to it. The primary riff returned to through out the song is fairly simple but bent notes really kick you in the teeth with some rock attitude. Give'em a listen and look forward to their upcoming EP!

The Butler Combo- It's a Little Awkward at First

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

For a lot of bands, the departure of a lead singer can be devastating; but I have feeling The Butler Combo were unphased when their vocalist called it quits. This power house of musicians are continuing the funk rock art, pioneered by such artists as The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The flamethrower guitar solos performed by Michael Butler get progressively more potent through out the song periodically returning to the intro riff that holds everything together. The Bassist, Jake Marek is clearly adept as well. You can easily imagine how much fret work had to be done on his behalf to record this song. If you a have a sub woofer you should turn it up to really appreciate the fluid bass line. The drummer's contribution should not go unpraised either. David Suriani's explosive fills help instill the incendiary feel of the song. As far as drummers go he also carries a characteristic uncommon for many and that is his discretionary use of silence. Like every great drummer, Suriani knows when to let the anticipation build. Feeling funky tonight? Let the Butler Combo serve it up.


Carpeaux - A French Man's Love Song

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Carpeaux is a Brazilian guitarist living in the Phillipines. He uses finger picking style familiar to classical guitar work but a modern quality is felt in the progression of the music. A near indie element appears in the quirkiness of the song's different interacting components. The cymbal percussion in the song adds an off-beat feel that reflects the textual painting of the lyrics that express the downtrodden and nihilistic thinking that comes along with a mostly bitter, bitter-sweet love. Though the song is called A French Man's Love Song Carpeaux uses his distinct Brazilian accent to emphasize the song's play on a the French stereotype of love. All together the song is a smooth and soothing experience, the only qualms come with the recording quality that is not without its own novel charm; but with proper studio recording Carpeaux could really bloom. If you don't like it at first give it an extra listen, really listen. Trust me, it becomes infectious.


Herbal Currency - Log song

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Herbal Currency is a psychedelic blues rock band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. I hope to soon showcase more of their music but for now I wish to point out their inventive side. Lead guitarist Casey Brown shows us all what can truly be done with a log and even MacGyver gawks in envy of this Idea. This slide guitar tune played on self constructed LoGuitar, has a twangy electric blues nostalgia that is prominent in a lot of Herbal Currency's music, and that is on just one string. Wait till you hear'em with a 6 string and drummer Drew. Heavily influenced by prior blues legends like Muddy Waters, Lead Belly and The White Stripes, these two kids show us they're not too young to play the blues. To top it all off they haven't reached a plateau of skill. If you attend just two of their concerts the creative growth of the band is self evident. I look forward to seeing this very capable band evolve and wonder what tricks will they pull next.


Ill Murray - Maldon Mud Race

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ill Murray is a garage band out of Cambridge, UK; born from the ashes of an older band, Boring Girls. Their sound is a raw fusion of Indie Lo-Fi and remnants of the daring age of British Punk. In their song Maldon Mud Race the band's potential is easily observed. you are gently lulled into the depths of a rhythmic bass line until the heavily distorted guitar shoves your face in the angsty punk mud puddle, splashing around the storm of cymbals. The vocals appears over the din and compliments shift from rage to apathy and back to rage. The persistent lead guitar is a testament to the indie component of their music in both tone and timbre, illuminating the background only to peek out between segments of the songs. The combined creative drive of the band makes them a formidable music force to be watched, and for the rest of the musical community in Cambridge, feared.

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