The Blinds- Push Comes to Shove

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Blinds are a Blues/Rock band out of San Francisco, with an impressive website and band art. In the song Push Comes to Shove you can hear the fusion of their idolized blues artist with their own hint of individuality. The bass, guitar, and drums all come in united and begin to deviate into a distorted bluesy riff. The very contemporary blues vocals come in with the kind of blues rock sass we have come to admire; similar in nature to Jack White or Cage the Elephant. The band has a clear and cohesive sound. I can't tell if the recording texture was intended but I think mastering the tracks could really make The Blinds tasty tunes come through stronger. As far a lyrics you got to admit that a song called Push Comes to Shove is the kind of figure of speech that screams the Blues/Rock.


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