Burning Bush - Insomnia

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am ashamed for neglecting the heavier side of music as long as I have. Burning Bush will be redeeming review. They are a Metal/Punk band from Brooklyn NY. The beginning of the song immediately puts a smile on the face. Its quick vocal intro is somewhat reminiscent of the blood hound gang which through me off. Then it gets HEAVY. The evil and energized riff charges the listener's batteries to pump them up for the rest of this over the top song. The guitar is a phenomenal tribute to many great metal guitarist and simultaneously it very unique in the way it flows. As a big fan of bass work here is a standing ovation for that line after the guitar solo. The singer has an excellent command of the timbre and pitch necessary for singing metal and the drummer does an outstanding job of playing the kind of percussion that makes your feel you are under heavy fire. If you are suffering from metal malnutrition click this link and try not to head bang your head phones off.


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